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New Sponsor for 2011 – APR Performance

Posted by hammer On August - 31 - 2010

Special thanks to K.C. at APR Performance to supporting Jim for the remainder of this year and next to compete in NASA Time Trials at make a run at the NASA National Title. APR Performance is an industry leader producing top-quality aero parts for performance and race cars. APR makes products for imports as well as a lot of domestic sports cars. Products include splitters to adjustable wings, canards to rear deck spoilers and everything in between. If you want to improve your vehicle or race-cars handling characteristics, check their stuff out.

Check out their website to see what they make for your car!

NASA Event #3 – High Plains Raceway

Posted by hammer On July - 17 - 2010

Event number 3 in the 2010 schedule stopped at High Plains Raceway, the newest and arguably the most technical track in Colorado. We entered the Evo in TT-A for the weekend competition both days. Saturday shaped up to be hot and slippery with a lot of traffic and due to not bleeding the brakes before the event I was having some brake issues. The Evo still made it through 4 – 20min sessions but could only muster a 2:08.1. That’s what I get for using 2-event old fluid I guess. Ideally, I would have bled the brakes for Sunday, but didn’t have any more fluid to swap. The cooler temperatures Sunday morning presented an opportunity to best Saturdays miserable showing. Second session of the day I changed my driving a bit and threw down a 2:06.7 which was a NASA lap record for TT-A class. Not too shabby on old fluid! The tally for the weekend ended up two 1st place finishes and a lap record.

NASA Event #2 – Pueblo Motorsports Park (PMP)

Posted by hammer On July - 17 - 2010

The second event of the NASA Rocky Mountain region was held at a lot of drivers favorite track, PMP. I was planning on running in the HPDE4/TT group and get signed for my Time Trials license this weekend when the powers-that-be invited me to become a NASA instructor. So the TT plans were on hold for another weekend. The weekend at Pueblo consisted of the Instructor school and classroom sessions and then scenario testing to complete the certification, then Sunday I had an HPDE1 student and I ran testing laps in the HPDE4/TT group. Overall, great event and a lot of fun.

NASA Event #1 – Pikes Peak

Posted by hammer On May - 21 - 2010

The 2010 NASA Rocky Mountain season kicked off at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, CO. Since we were new to NASA this season we were assigned to HPDE 3 to prove to the officials we were safe and aware on the track. So the MW3 Evo did some testing in group 3 and worked out some kinks for when we come back later in the season.

PPIR is a pretty well known track across the country which used to hold NASCAR, IRL and various other touring series. The track was sold and sat unused for a stint and is now back and in great condition. Primarily known for its “oval” configuration, PPIR actually has a tight, technical infield road course that is challenging to all makes and models. We ran the “roval” configuration going counter-clockwise for the event which includes turn 1 and 2 on the oval and then dives into the infield for the twisty bits.

Fitted with new dba rotors, Agency Power brake lines, Motul RBF 600 and fresh Hawk pads, the Evo withstood the intense braking that PPIR dished out with zero brake fade all day.

DBA Brakes, Brake Partner for 2010

Posted by hammer On January - 15 - 2010

The MW3 Mitsubshi Evo IX is getting a set of DBA 5000 Series rotors to try for the upcoming 2010 NASA and SCCA Time Trials season. The 5000 series is a 2-piece rotor, 2-piece rotors save you weight, much higher heat dissipation and are more flexible for expanding and contracting without stressing the hat. You can also just replace the rotor if needed rather than the whole rotor and hat.

These 2-piece ultra-high performance rotors feature aerospace grade materials for added thermal (heat) protection to the vehicle’s wheel bearings. I gotta say these DBA 5000 series brakes look awesome and add a very aggressive look to the Evo. Stay tuned for updates on the installation and our first testing day.

Vote Now! Proposed MW3 2011 Color Scheme

Posted by hammer On November - 1 - 2009

Ok guys, using the Forza Motorsports 3 rendering engine I was able to built the MW3 Mitsubishi Evo as I would like if money ws no object. Forza also features an awesome paint and decal shop where you can create your own paint schemes from scratch. You are only limited by your creativity.

MW3 Evo Paint scheme

MW3 Evo Paint scheme

MW3 Evo Paint scheme

MW3 Evo Paint scheme

Leave a comment if you like or dislike the new paint scheme. Now hopefully we can get these sponsors on board!

Product Review: Kumho Ecsta V700 Tires

Posted by hammer On October - 29 - 2009

I recently purchased from Tire Rack, a set of Kumho Ecsta V700 tires, for use at driving schools and track days. I also had Tire Rack heat cycle and do the recommended shaving so they would wear better. A few weekends back, I attended a BMW CCA driving school for the first go with the new rubber and I had one tire that decided to come apart. The drivers side front definitely got most of the wear at Pueblo, and I expected it to wear, but it started chunking midway through the day. I even moved the fronts to the rear. The other three tires seemed to wear ok and were all worn about the same. I can’t believe that there could be huge chunks and cuts out of the tire after one track day? I was assuming I could get about 6 or 7 hard track days out of these according to the reviews I read.

I decided to send pictures to Tire Rack and see if it was faulty or if something could be done. Tire Rack was great through the process, very concerned for me as a customer. I had a sales rep ask me some questions on air pressures, the track, my setup and said he sent it off to Kumho. I waited several weeks to hear,

“The motorsports group feels the tire has simply worn out. Basic
set up and inflation pressures look good. But from the rolled appearance
of the tread rubber, it looks like the tire experienced too much slip
angle. Pueblo Motorsports Park has mostly right hand turns, so it’s no
surprise the left front is showing the most wear. There may also be a
fair amount of understeer in the vehicle set up, as both front tires (on
for 20 laps) are showing more wear than the rear tire from the same
side. I would encourage working the set up to reduce the understeer, and
tuning the driving style to avoid sliding the tires.”

So Kumho basically tells me the obvious, that PMP is mostly right hand turns, that my car setup is wrong, and that I should change my driving style. If they would have just replaced the tire, or even sold me a discounted one, they would have been good in my book. After this experience I would not recommend buying Kumho Ecsta V700 tires for road racing or track days, they are not good and Kumho doesn’t back them up. Spend the extra money on a better tire, it’s worth it. This tire might be more suited for Auto-X or any situation where you don’t get them too warm. Their customer service needs a little work too.

New Sponsor: wheeldude.com

Posted by hammer On August - 19 - 2009

Thanks to Dan at wheeldude.com for setting me up with some great wheels for my track setup. I appreciate the support. Wheel dude has great prices on wheels and they are great to work with.

I am going to run the 17×9 Rota DPT – Matte Bronze finish wrapped in Kumho Ecsta V700 R-compounds. I am hoping this setup performs well.

BMWCCA Fall 2009 Performance Driving School

Posted by hammer On August - 14 - 2009

The BMWCCA fall performance driving school is scheduled for October 4th and 5th at Pueblo Motorports park. The club discounted the rate this year so it is cheaper to get your car out on track with instruction. Come down and enjoy good food, good cars and hopefully good weather.

My First Laps at HPR

Posted by hammer On August - 3 - 2009

Some friends and I went out to High Plains Raceway for an open lapping day. HPR is a new racing facility located about 60 miles east of Denver, CO. This track is amazing, it has alot of elevation changes, great technical corners and a pretty long straight to test your wits. There were a huge variety of cars out there that day, mostly purpose-built race cars, but there were a few of us out in our daily drivers. I had fun following this Cobra around for a session, mostly just to hear the motor. Check out the Race Prepped Porsche at the end, I was going 120 mph when he passed me.

Push It

I got a great feel for the track and started to push a bit more later in the morning. I was hitting 120 mph on the back straight and I stop-watched a few laps around 2:18. My next visit to the track will be much faster as I will install my Tein coilovers and will have my new R-compounds.

Video: Lap Record at PPIR

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New Sponsor for 2011 – APR Performance

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NASA Event #3 – High Plains Raceway

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NASA Event #1 – Pikes Peak

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DBA Brakes, Brake Partner for 2010

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